Just something quirky about moi.

I hate ballpoint pens. Or rather, they hate me.

It’s a love-hate relationship where I struggle all the time to make sure that they don’t fail me halfway while I’m scribbling notes or stuff now. I remember all those times in school where I would write and write and nothing ever comes out, not even after burning the little buggers at the tip or slamming them into walls/desks.

So I became one of those nuts who are all into ink pens. The whole “ink pens are great” became my daily mantra. That’s all I ever fill my pencil case with anyway – blue, red, black…fine, medium…as long as it was ink based, I was happy.

Until I realized that some ink pens are not necessarily waterproof, some don’t dry on glossy surfaces and well, almost all will smear if you’re not careful.

Gack. I guess you can’t win them all, can you?

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  1. hey i hate ballpoint pens too. I too prefer ink pens and I’m in love with fountain pens. and … did i tell u? I hate ball point pens. 😛

    BTW… congrats on the little addition to your family 🙂

  2. alt.ayu: OMIGOD…you just reminded me! I love fountain pens as well especially the old school type where you have to dip it into the ink pot! XD

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