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I thought it’d be nice and even fair to explain the sudden surge in entries under this category since some of those reading might feel annoyed at having to put up with all these ad-related posts that really don’t have much to do with my current life.

As a lot of people know, I gave up a lot of things for the migration, my steady job and part-time biz included. I don’t really knit shawls anymore because for starters, a lot of people knit here and my supplies are in transit from KL. Without a permit which is still in progress, I can’t find a job and now that Junior is on the way, well…lets just say no one would want to hire someone who will be going on maternity and its benefits in less than nine months.

The only form of “income” I get is from Nil and this blog. Some of the articles here go for USD5 each and so far, I’ve managed a nice amount of USD40 which is often paid into my PayPal account, which translated to 40CHF – that’s the amount I would spend on for about two days supply of food. It’s not much but it’s better than nothing.

I usually use the money for purchases online such as yarn and books – treats if you will, for myself. I don’t hope to make thousands from this blog, a hundred would be nice…a few hundred is too much! After all, I’m not hankering to turn this blog into a money factory. Just some…spending money. That’s all.

Also, I do try my best to make it related to my current life; it takes some thinking and flair but I hope I’ll get it down to pat and not bore you all. So if you do see a Sponsored post, bear with it and in exchange, I promise to keep it bearable for you as well!


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