We have moved in!

And we have moved in!

Yes, over the weekend, we tackled a couple of IKEA furniture, loads of boxes and plenty of unpacking. Now it’s nearly NEARLY over! We just have to add the final touches and voila! Home will really be complete…but can you blame us for being excited even before?

I couldn’t go online prior to today but am overwhelmed by all the response this blog received about the good news! Am definitely touched and while I will definitely reply to each individual (when I have the time), I also want to say a big thank you for reading this blog – it makes me happy to know that I can share a little bit of my life with my friends and family who aren’t around!

Will definitely talk more about the preggers news…hey, I might even have to add a new category! But first, I need to update myself with heaps of e-stuff! Laters!

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  1. Daphne: Thanks dearie…actually the busy tide is over. Now it’s more on doing the daily nitty stuff like cooking and cleaning. :p

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