Treatment(s) for addiction

Whenever I see pictures like this and this,the first thing that comes into my mind is “WHOA, SPA STOP, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1”

But hang on…upon closer inspection, it’s a center for drug treatment and it certainly is a far cry from the stereotypical drug treatment centres that we have in mind.

I’ll admit that even as an educated person, I am prone to bias and prejudice – to me, drug treatment centres are always sad, gloomy and disgusting places to be in. Too much negative energy and well, I think sometimes I just want to deny that these problems even exist. To me, the drug treatments I ever think of are for heroin and morphine; people can and often are addicted to all sorts of things – House addressed the whole addicted-to-painkiller and its treatment (wasn’t very fun though) and you can be addicted to sleeping pills as well…

Looking at this site, it dawns on me that perhaps one of the first steps in successfully combating drug addiction is to change the way we perceive treatment and treatment centres. If they were more approachable, maybe people wouldn’t hesitate to sign up…I’m not saying that drugs are great. I just feel that sometimes the way we perceive things is an indirect cause of how things are today…and changing them is a good way to start improving things as a society.

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