Bamboo or hemp shoes, anyone?

Vegan-ism is not something new but ever heard of vegan shoes? These little babies are made using a variety of materials such as hemp, jute, bamboo, cotton, plastic and recycled old tyres instead of the usual leather and pig hide.

The site that markets these shoes professes to be “getting in touch with its inner hippie” but I say it’s definitely a new way of coming up with more eco-friendly items! Ever since getting back to my roots about pro-activism particularly in the agriculture field, I’ve been more aware of the choices I make with regards to the environment, community and industry. Bio-friendly, organic and fair trade are just some of the labels on the goods I purchase and while it can get pretty pricey, at least I’m assured that people aren’t overworked, the environment isn’t being damaged and animals aren’t suffering.

I still haven’t gone vegan yet but these vegan shoes are mighty tempting…to try NOT switch to a vegan lifestyle!

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  1. are these the ones endorsed by Natalie Portman? I love her vegan shoes!

    sorry, I meant, are these also endorsed by Natalie Portman? Her line te casan are gorgeous!

  2. If you had asked me a couple of years ago what I knew about vegan shoes, not only would I

    have scoffed, I wouldn’t have been able to name even one vegan brand. Now I not only know

    but have come to love and respect more than a few. I even like…scratch that…love a bunch of

    styles thanks to various designers and brands. Among those my favourite is mooshoes. You can

    visit for more kind of vegan shoes.

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