Massage-y comforts!

If there is anything I miss about the comforts of home, apart from Mum’s cooking and cable TV (yes, I’m that lame!), it’s the massage chair!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, a couple of months back (or was it nearly a year ago?), Mum purchased this fab Gintell massage chair. It wasn’t exactly the most niftiest of massage chair but it served its purpose just well enough. This robotic gadget spits out a mean back, shoulder, neck and leg massage, and coupled with a separate foot massage machine (not from Gintell), well, you just can’t go wrong!

Unfortunately for Nil and myself over here, massage chairs aren’t all that common and well, it’s a luxury that most people don’t really need AND want!


Right now, after all this walking and moving, I really really need the touch of a massage chair

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