Losing weight here.

One of the few things Switzerland is known for is fondue – a hotpot made from melted cheese, wine and well, you dip bread in it. While I haven’t had this dish yet, I have been eating way more than what I was used to in Malaysia while I was on my diet.

And yet, I’m glad to say that my clothes still fit. No, I haven’t resorted to consuming top diet pills like HoodiaVex – I know I did go on Reductil when I was still in KL but popping these pills in the long run isn’t all that great when it comes to losing weight.

I just walk…A LOT.

The thing with being in another country, especially on such as Switzerland, is that the public transportation is great and well, there is really no need to drive when you can walk. There are plenty of scenic walks and frankly, even the elderly are in great shape!

Yesterday I saw this man in his 80s all dressed up in sports gear and jogging near the new place. There was this old lady who was clearly having issues walking, even with a cane, yet she managed to catch the bus, alight and head off home with her groceries.

In a way, I think it’s nice to know that you don’t have to pay a lot to get some exercise – just do it the good old fashioned way!

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