I’m excited!

Wouldn’t you be if you were me?

We got the new keys to the place yesterday and after some picking + packing, I got to really check it out today! Went there with a bagload of yarn (WHAT ELSE?), spices and then headed off to town to buy some cleaning supplies to spruce up the place a little. The previous tenant did a great job but you know me…itchy butt and all…

The master bedroom and living hall both have morning and mid-afternoon sunshine which is great for those gloomy and foggy autumn + winter days. We have a great clear view of the lake and when the skies are clear, you can see the Alps. It’s awesome!!!

Anyway, here are the pics before we start REALLY moving the stuff this weekend. Can’t wait!!!!

Living hall - View 1 Living hall - View 2 Master bedroom 2nd room View outside!
Click on the individual pics for a bigger + better view!

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