Moving – should I buy it?

Yup, you heard me. We’ll be moving over to the new place come next week and while it can seem pretty exciting, it’s quite…well, unnerving really.

It’s a bare place that I’m going to – as with any move – so there is the whole refurnishing and what-not. On the top of our list of items to purchase are sofa beds, bed, cupboard, shelving, storage and display units that double as stands or shelves. And we haven’t even thought of electronic/electrical goodies.

Someone suggested that a plasma TV would be great; the idea was very tempting but apart from a TV wall mount (those are really cool to see sometimes!) or a regular display unit, I don’t really know if we do need a TV after all. We have a 20″ LCD screen for the computer. Would that count?

I am eyeing this really nifty digital temperature-weather-hydrometer but at nearly 100 Swiss francs, well, I think I can do with a 1.90 franc old-fashioned thermometer.

There is this Kitchenaid stand mixer that I would like to have but it’s just a dream because at 900 francs, well, Nil choked and said that he would die first before I can get it. Plus it’s lime green – not his favourite colour. Bah.

We already have a kettle, rice cooker, bread machine, vacuum cleaner, iron, some crepe machine thing, espresso machine, blender/juicer…

Really…what electrical goodies should a new homemaker get?

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  1. How about a sewing machine? I hate to pay so much for simple stuff like shades, shower curtains, dinner napkins, table runners, etc. BTW, retro Kitchenaid standmixers are really cheap on eBay. Not sure if it applies to where you’re at. I also find that a food processor comes handy around the kitchen. My hb and I had also decided that a electric drill/scredriver set is also very useful around the house, along with a laser level, stud finder, hammer, set of nails and screws.

  2. Christine: Yeah…I’m definitely eyeing a sewing machine but the thing is, I haven’t found a textile shop. =.=

    I would love a food processor as well so that’s next on my list together with an ice cream maker (although the later is more of a want than a need). And yeah…that electric drill/screwdriver thing is a GREAT idea. I’ll definitely bug HB to get those…

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