Snow in March!

I came home from Lyon, where it started to snow over the weekend, to this just outside my window. And it’s still snowing.

So much for spring coming.

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  1. Yeap… snow until possibly April for us… Spring was supposed to be here March 20 officially, but that doesn’t mean much if you live close to the snow belt. Usually, April is the transition month, so it’s a mix of ice/rain/snow slushie type of stuff… It can be good snowball/snowman material 😀

  2. OMGG snowwww. Speaking of which, I would very much appreciate your input as to clothings that you have brought to Switzerland. Any idea as to where I can get reasonably thick clothing is Malaysia? Not those winter WINTER clothing, but those that are suitable for colder climates? Maybe during those spring-winter times. Buying it in Italy would cost a bomb 🙁 Many thanks

  3. Christine: Oh yeah, I saw on this knitter’s blog that it’s snowing in Connecticut!!!!!!!! The weather forecast here is a mix of showers and snow – apparently, HB says that March and April is when they get their water reserves filled up so rain is good. Well, that I can understand, especially after having lived in Ozland for nearly two years. 😛

    I have yet to make a snowman though…bleh.

    Tash: Normally for winter, what people do here is the onion technique. They pile on layers and layers of clothing. Personally, I’d go with a long sleeve woollen/cotton turtleneck, simple ladies T-shirt topped with a comfy warm scarf if it’s spring-winter. You’ll still need a jacket though.

    The ones they sell in Malaysia are more like for winter-winter (poofy, polyester lining, etc)…I got mine in HK where it’s half the price and the items come from Korea – so it’s more suited for four season weather. So far, I have a long coat and a short one; I wear it with turtlenecks and sweater. If it gets super super windy, then I throw in a cotton thermal that doubles as a top or leggings. 🙂

    Some people here buy leather jackets or polyester trenches because it rains often. But I still prefer an umbrella. 😛

    Hope this helps!

  4. I used to carry an umbrella but it gets very windy here… speaking of which, we got hammered with another 4 inches of snow last night… 😛

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