The start of a pair…

Elfine socks in the making!

After being inspired by some knitters, especially this one here, I thought I’d brave the waters and start work on a more complicated sock. I had a couple of choices but finally settled for the well-known Elfine Sock by Anna.

But as I tried to make head and tail of how to go about doing my own cast-on AND utilizing the Magic Loop, I ran into some issues (crappy bamboo needles is one!). So I gave up and did it with DPNs (double point needles) instead! I definitely have to make a note somewhere to get some metal DPNs instead of bamboo ones that aren’t polished.

It didn’t help that I kept switching needle sizes – I forgot that I left my 2.25mm DPNs at home with my other sock WIP – and it wasn’t until I reached the 10-stitch-per-needle thing that I finally decided to go with 2.75mm DPNs. Yes, I’m lame in that sense.

In the mean time, here’s to Persepolis, La Vie En Rose and knitting…

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