Time for a change.

Yesterday, the Malaysian Coalition government suffered in biggest lost since 1969. It lost four states including the crown jewel of the country, Selangor (the richest state in the nation) to opposition parties.

What does it mean?

I can’t be sure – I’m hardly a clairvoyant – but what I know is this: change is coming and I have a funny feeling that it is a much needed one.

It is at times like this that I’m proud of Malaysian voters; you showed us and the Government that there is such a thing as people power! My hats off to you….

I hope and pray that the opposition parties, the Coalition and the people will work together for a better and more advanced Malaysia!

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  1. Much needed indeed! Let’s hope they can live up to expectations.

    And I’ve tagged you for a meme. The rules are here if you accept; if you don’t that’s fine too 🙂

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