Some pictures of my new home

Just because you asked for them…

Note: Click on the images to view the originals!

Neuchatel Our current home On the way to Nil's office At the tram stop The tram

There’ll be more to come once I get to editing them on my laptop…Nil’s desktop doesn’t have Photoshop so I have to keep switching PCs.

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  1. oh my god. the hair at the back of my arms literally stood up. it is gorgeous! must be great to wake up to such a beautiful place 🙂

  2. OOO Its so beautiful and peaceful. Thanks for sharing.Theres no cars and people , did you take those pictures very early in the morning???

  3. Entwinned: It is nice but we’ll be moving to a bigger place soon and I heard from Nil that the view is prettier! 🙂 (Right now, I overlook a big old house and some vineyards!)

    Rom: I actually took those pics around rush hour and some around 11am…I live in a kampung. =.=

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