The life here so far…

Day Two and I’m slowly adjusting to life in many ways – as a married woman, an unemployed individual and naturally, an expat living in a small village.

The weather has been kind to me for the past few days. I seem to have brought with me endless amounts of sunshine and none of that bleary, rainy, cold and windy winter weather. Nevertheless, I can’t exactly prance around in my usual summery attire. That red long coat is awfully handy and so were the fingerless gloves I did eons ago. I have yet to try out my entrelac scarf because it never seems cold enough. I could just be stubborn but o’well…

I had the pleasure of discovering Neuchatel while running errands with Nil this morning. We had to drop by the finance department for some documents for the rental agency, then the rental agency, the phone shop for my new phone line (and phone naturally), and then of course, canton police to get my papers. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the Swiss work. If it were back home, we would have to wait for hours but we found ourselves leaving the office five minutes after we left!!!!!!

The town (and country) has a few surprises up her sleeves for me. A couple of Asian, Indian and African plus West Asian stores had me giggling like a child. I am certainly getting used to the idea of a ticket that allows you to take the bus and tram for one hour at the price of CHF2.50*. Strawberries going on sale at CHF1.95* per box meant that I could literally drown in them!!! And the wine…ohwow…CHF2.90* for a bottle of wine!!!! I have also been doing a lot of walking…one thing great about this sort of weather is that it makes for great walking! Well, you walk if you don’t have a car and if your wallet is a little bit tad tight.

Sometimes it feels surreal walking along the cobble streets of the town centre, holding Nil’s hand in mine. It has been so long since we last saw the prospect of being together for real and here we are, together for what could be forever! Of course, occasionally, I get little pangs of homesickness, especially when I see cute little dogs with their owners. It makes me thinking of that utterly adorable, stupidly blur cocker spaniel of mine and her equally crazy + lovable companions.

But so far, thanks to the Internet and a trusty laptop from my brother, I’m doing alright. I have been emailing home and naturally, talking to my parents and brother via Yahoo! Messenger (no, this isn’t an ad for them).

I managed to get some brochures on French classes while I was at the canton office. The good people there have come up with programmes to help expats integrate into the community here as well as pick up French. It’s on the to-do list and Nil thinks it will be good for me…y’know, the whole thing about meeting people like myself, not feeling lonely, etc, and at least I won’t go crazy staying at home cooped up all the time and thinking of nonsense.

Well, I suppose you could say that it’s all falling into pieces slowly. We’ll see…

* CHF1 = RM2.9 (approximately)

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  1. Good to know that you got there safely. Well, now you have more reasons to knit. And you get to wear your knits. =D

  2. it must be rather exciting being in a new place, new people, new adventures…
    all the best to making a place for urself and nil there together.
    how about some pictures of the new house?

  3. I will be in your shoes sometime next week, albeit in a different country 🙂 At one point in my life, I never did thought that this step that I am going to make was even remotely possible. So yes the great one up there has plans for us, always. Its for us to decide eventually how best we want to walk down that path. Take care and I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

  4. Kessa: Yeah…I hope to get started once I get my needles from my MIL this weekend! But I think it’s just socks. I left the others at home. Bah bah!!!

    Muffin: I’m moving again but sure…will put up pics and more updates…later! 😆

    Miracle: Well, I don’t know you that well, except from what I read on your blog and I think you’ll do just fine! Do keep people updated and don’t forget to enjoy yourself! In my case, I think I’ll go nuts from being jobless so I better play tourist more often! :p

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