In Moo-land…

Swiss moolah!

Yes, that’s Swiss money!

The flight was good, even though Nil and I sat separately for our flight from Dubai. We bought our tickets separately and the flight was full but it’s alright. I got to watch a couple of old movies and some new ones as well…

Switzerland is a very quaint country, especially where I live now which is Areuse, Neuchatel. If you were to compare it to Malaysia, it would be a place smaller than Ipoh yet pretty and oh-so-chic! There is a lake overlooking the city centre, Place Pury, and I intend to explore the city later today (plus do some much needed grocery shopping). There is a vineyard next door and despite living near the highway, it’s very quiet here with plenty of good views and good sounds (birds chirping, etc).

Nil is at work so I’ll be on my own most of the time. My schedule is pretty much set out for the day already, starting with a walk with him to work, then breakfast, house chores, grocery shopping/city exploration and finally cooking dinner. A job will probably come later…

Ahhh…this feels like Australia all over again, except better!

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  1. malaysian currently in london, and have always been a silent reader but that description of a vineyard next door, and walking to work (!!) sounds so good. especially on a monday.

    sounds like you will enjoy the european life 😉

  2. Hi! Been away for awhile and didn’t get a chance to wish you both God’s Blessings for your future. Have a fun time discovering local yarn and tell us about it ya??

  3. I’ve been reading your blog regularly since last year, and enjoyed every post- especially those on your wedding preparations. I too am moving to London very soon, and reading your posts helped me get over some of the anxiety and uncertainties which had been plaguing me over the past year. May you and Nil be happy always, and enjoy Switzerland!

  4. Miracle: I hope you have a great flight there! I’m adjusting as well as I can – trying to get into the habit of cooking non-Asian dishes and well, just trying to keep busy. It doesn’t help that I don’t have a job yet but that’ll change soon enough… 😛

  5. Hi Mabel, Congratulation on your wedding and the move to Switzerland. 🙂 What you are doing now sound like what I am doing now at the moment too….walking my husband to bus stop to catch a bus to his work place, breakfast, housechores, grocery shopping and dinner hee hee My 5th month now in Oxford, still exploring 🙂 Wish you the best, happiness always and enjoy! Can’t wait to see more knitted stuffs from you. 🙂

  6. Celena: Thanks heaps!!! Sometimes I wonder if I’ll get bored of this soon but I hope not! As for the knitted stuff, well, it’ll be a while before I can knit again! My supplies are in France at the moment, awaiting collection from yours truly. LOL!

  7. Eh all these walking husbands to bus stop thing….
    Imagine I walk Uchong to the bus stop. Here. in malaysia. LOL.

    kemek terus. 😛

  8. ppsst…how did u make your header change at ramdom?? love this theme – simple n fresh. i’m into white backgrouds so this is awesome. 😉

  9. Yvy: It’s a plugin called Randomizer! 🙂 I need to remember to take more pics for the banner though. I keep forgetting!!! LOL!

  10. It sounds so wonderful. I look forward to hearing more about your move and your yarn art. Love your work. Found you through Ravelry.

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