The wedding website

The wedding website!

After destroying deleting the shop’s domain, I decided to sooth myself by moving my previous wedding website to a brand new subdomain. I suppose it’s because I wanted to dump some videos and make photo viewing a little tad easier for myself.

It took a while to fix up and fine-tune; a huge part of the photo gallery and video/music library is under construction but at least it has a little history and story of its own to tell! Yes, my wedding has a journal of its own!!!

Anyway, do drop by here and if you can/want to, come again!

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  1. Strictly from an art direction point of view… one gets the impression the man is rather conscious of the camera, (look at the one where she kisses him – interestingly you never find him ‘doing’ anything to her) since most of the shots, he’s quite passive compared to the lady who in contrast, seems to convey all or most of the feelings (of uhmm, what… twosome, coupledom, togetherness?) through her strong body language

  2. Thanks for the comment, although I’m not really asking for any point of view on the photographs especially from the art direction POV – this are, after all, wedding-related shots and not an art photography portfolio. Besides, the photographer was only complying to the client’s wishes on the look & feel of the pictures.

    Anyway, the reason for the passive behaviour, as you put it, has been answered in your own words – “conscious of the camera” – there is more but it’s only stuff that the lady in question would know. 😉

    Oddly enough though, what has this got to do with the post on the wedding website? I nearly marked it down as spam!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Once again, thanks.

  3. so sorry, Mei. I really meant to post in the photographer’s blog but somehow, tersilap, careless.. very sorry indeed, pls delete if offensive.
    Anyway, heartiest congrats for your union, your very meticulous and awesome planning has clearly been such a labour of love, it’s an inspiration.

  4. Aiyo…no la…it wasn’t offensive at all!!!! Just that I get a lot of spam and my spam machine is one blur sotong. One of my regular reader’s comments always get dumped into the spam bin and I don’t know why!!! Bah.

    No worries about your comment. My HB is very camera-shy and he’s even more PDA-shy. I think the photographer was @_@ throughout the whole shoot. ^.^

    Sorry if I sounded a bit defensive. It’s going crazy on my end with the spring cleaning and stuff. T.T

  5. This is a great blog…I am in the process of delving into wedding planning and all the research is starting to pay off. I enjoy reading articles and blogs like this it is heartwarming. I am planning a christmas wedding 2008 and I love all the ideas.

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