The graduation cake

The bird's eye view...

To be honest, it wasn’t my best. I made a huge mistake by piping blue beads instead of sticking to white and my instructor wouldn’t let me graduate with just using Level II flowers. Hence the funny looking colour combination which made everything look oh-so…topsy-turvy. Yes, this is the trouble when you go with the “I’m just winging it” style.

Thankgawd it won’t be the same when it comes to the actual wedding cake! Speaking of the wedding cake, I need to get started on the royal icing filigree pieces now but suddenly with the lilies and everything else (fondant/royal icing bead bottom – red/gold – plus ribbon), I think it might be too much. Aiiiihhh…I can’t seem to make up my mind.

The graduation cake!

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  1. You know, white is so expected. Not that I know anything about cake decorating. To be honest, I love the Lilly’s as they are. The colors tie in well with the centers of the blue flowers.

    The only thing I can see in the blue would be that since that is the area of greatest contrast (the dark and white) it tends to draw the eye away from the flowers. A light blue for the beads would have had less contrast. Light blue where the dark blue is, and the same yellow you have for your centers for the white beads.

    As a knitting designer, not a cake designer. VBG. Not that you are asking. I seriously love the top.

  2. No worries, Jolene. I love getting some feedback! Even the instructor thought the colours were a bit off. She had the same idea as you did!

    Yeah…white is typical but I won’t be using white for my wedding cake. Am going for an ivory base with a simple/plain dark red ribbon and gold filigree curves. I’m getting so very lazy…can’t be bothered to pipe the panels separately and stick them on. I might even end up going with just dots instead. 🙁

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