Wedding cake – Part II

The fruitcake is now sitting in the refrigerator – all four batches of it!!!! Yes, I had to double up on the recipe because I felt one batch wasn’t enough. It was a nightmare mixing everything though. I’m just not equipped for double batch productions…especially of this magnitude. Well, lets just say that the fruitcake had 5 eggs, 1 cup of brandy, and nearly 1.5 kg of nuts & fruits in it! So imagine doubling up on that! @_@

Orange red and golden yellow lilies!

As for the flowers, I’ve decided to stick with royal icing instead of fondant (remember what happened previously?) and fresh flowers. The little “blank” ivory templates were piped out several days ago and after a coat of pearl shimmer, they were ready for the paintbrush. I knew I wanted tiger lilies on the cake but I didn’t want to stick to pink so I search around the Net and come up with some dark red and very golden yellow looking lilies.

A close-up of the orange red lily

Now, you have to remember this – the last time I picked up a paintbrush was in high school. That would be like ten years ago! And even then, I wasn’t exactly a Van Gogh at it. I just followed the pictures I got and after about two hours of painting, break-time and more painting, I’m glad to say that it’s over.

A close-up of the golden yellow lily

The red-orange tiger lilies were painted with a mix of orange red powder, a tiny pinch of golden nugget powder and naturally, Wilton’s No Red icing colour gel. The yellow lilies on the other hand saw a coat of paint made with heaps of golden nugget powder and Wilton’s Golden Yellow icing colour gel. The dots are made by mixing a tad bit of Wilton’s Brown icing colour gel with the colours. I won’t even get into the technique but lets just say that it involved at least three coats of paint!

Now that this component is done, I’ve to get started on the side panels. Gawd, remind me please…how did I get myself into this?

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  1. glad u decided on the royal icing – they look amazing – the fondant flowers werent as gorgeous 😉 i’m amazed by ur work 😉

    despite the amount of work – end of the day i think its still worth it – the time uve taken to do everything urself

  2. Visi: Thanks for the compliments! I can’t wait to see the finish product – there are more components to the cake but we’ll see how it goes! 🙂

    Kessa: Yeah…I couldn’t believe it too! 😆

    Ling: Me too! Me too! 🙂

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