More flowers!

The lily-bluebell flowers drying out...

I just love royal icing flowers! Clean-up is also easier too; no more greasy stuff to soap and wash! YAY!

Been busy churning out these delicate blooms since 8pm (and I’m continuing with a darker shade of blue tomorrow)…there are more though. I have a whole row of ivory lilies sitting pretty. Will be painting them once they are dried and hopefully all will turn out well. Otherwise, I have to resort to making sugarpaste flowers in my air-conditioned room. Bleh.

Just in case you’re wondering, these are for Dad’s cake. I thought blue would be nice for him and well, non-flower cakes didn’t go down too well with Mum. *shrugs*

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  1. fascinating to see all the lovely things you made ….so special, on your special day. You have wonderful skills….

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