Wedding cake – Part I

Yesterday’s sugarpaste flowers were a total disaster. Turns out that our weather is humid and thus plays havoc with the drying period of these little babies. I woke up this morning to sticky and saggy petals.

I could work on them in an air-conditioned room but I’m afraid of what will happen if I turn the air-conditioning off. I can’t exactly stick them into the fridge because the moment I remove them, it’ll start sweating (water droplets/condensation on the surface). Fondant + water = bad idea (everything will get sticky).

So the other option left is to work with royal icing instead. So far, I can churn out carnations, primroses, roses and small flowers like the apple blossom. But next week’s class will see me working on “deeper” flowers like petunias, lilies and poinsettias. Since my initial plan is to use lilies, I’m hoping to be able to still stick to it. Royal icing petunias do look mighty attractive too…

Of course I could get fresh flowers and that would solve half of my workload issues…

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