Sugarpaste carnations

Sugarpaste carnations in the making!

Don’t mind the weird thing holding up the carnation petals. It’s just for support. I ought to get gardening wires and Tragacanth Gum to get started on my lilies and other stuff tomorrow.

Today’s Level III (fondant work) saw us working on fondant roses and needless to say, I’m thoroughly addicted to this; I even went out and spent some moolah on a sugarpaste kit to churn out other kinds of roses. But don’t ever think that this is easy because it isn’t. It’s bloody hard work – the thinning, sticking and etc. I ruined my first rose in class and naturally I ruined my first carnation when I started working on it. Geh. Hopefully it won’t be the same for the lilies.

Anyway, these are for dad’s cake come mid-February. I don’t really have a fixed colour scheme yet but we’re looking at dark purple carnations, soft purple-peach, grey blue and ivory carnations. No roses even though I know how to make them. Men + roses just don’t seem to gel…or should I just stick to a flower free cake?

Mum likes them flowers though…o’well, we’ll see how it goes.

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