Tangy wedding fruitcake – Part I

Chopped dried apricots + Mixed peel

Being the DIY-crazed nut that I am, I thought I’d put my cake decoration classes to good use and bake + deco my own two-tier wedding cake. After running the idea with my instructor, we decided that it was best to bake a fruitcake since 1) fruitcakes can be kept and 2) they taste better over time. After all, the final level (which I’m sitting for this month) is all about decorating wedding-style cakes. So a fruitcake would be the best choice; it would certainly save me from double work.

Hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds & macadamia

So this morning, I got started on what would be the initial stages of a typical fruitcake but with a tangy and more nutty twist. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find marmalade where I did my baking shopping so we stuck with the old-fashioned strawberry jam instead. After much chopping, dicing and mixing, the final product is alcoholic and very colourful, which certainly got me excited about the end product.

Before adding the brandy

But noooooo…part I of the fruitcake is untouchable for a week. It has to sit in brandy and my job is to turn the mixed fruit + nut concoction daily. I’m hoping that this will turn out great – enough to make a two-tier cake without having me to bake more. Why? Well, apart from decorating my own cake the day before the event, I have to bake AND decorate a separate cake for my dad’s birthday as well. Yes, they’ll be going out at the same event!!!!! Woe to me!!!

After adding the brandy (Part I of the tangy fruitcake)

In the meantime, wish me luck on the final design! I’m still having problems deciding if I want royal icing flowers/sugarpaste flowers on my cake or just keep it simple with some fondant, brushing work and ribbon.

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