Wedding favours – The final product

The dragees after packaging

A few months ago (last year, if you will), I finished about 120 packs of vellum packaging for my wedding favours. It didn’t look like much but it was just a start, after all…

Red Rose & Lavender Tea for the Frenchies

Just moments ago, mum and I started work on the final product and boy o’ boy, these little babies are becoming cute surprises of their own. The groom’s and bride’s side will both be getting different packs of favours. Basically, they’ll each contain a pack of dragees and two different types of tea; everything is packed in individual bags before they go into the vellum “bags”. Yup, it’s A LOT of work!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Yes, everything here is DIY – from the packaging of the tea & dragees to the tag attached to each bag.

Dragees & Tea for the M'sians

The Frenchies will be getting some very lovely and fragrant Australia Red Rose Tea & Lavender Tea while their M’sian counterparts will have some premium Green Tea & Chrysanthemum Tea. Dragees come in packs of five; each representing certain well-wishes from the couple to guests.

The finished wedding favours

We’ve yet to finish packing them but we’re looking at a healthy surplus of dragees, which will go to guests dropping by for the buffet dinner at my place. Anyway, I love how things are coming together. Once this is over, I won’t have much to do…I think.


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  1. I love your idea of packaging them yourself eventhough it means additional workload for you. Because you’ll never know how much things will be wasted if you get somebody else to pack them. And they will overly charge you.

    Furthermore, it is the process of getting ready for the wedding that you are enjoying πŸ˜€

    Hats off to you πŸ˜€

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