If I believe in signs, this “new” week would be it.

The house, I’ll have you know, is littered with promises of a great year ahead! The plant which never bears fruit suddenly reveals its precious cargo. The gigantic aloe vera showing off its flowers, something that I personally have never seen. To top things off, every plant in the house which never flowered in the past year has suddenly decided to sprout as many flowers as it possible can!!!

My knitting even started with a bang! The first entrelac scarf came out just absolutely gorgeous – I’ll blog about this later – and my first heavily modified shawl is currently in the works. Am looking forward to relocating my stash to a different region and working on some shawl designs once I have gotten rid of some of my pre-migration stuff. All in all, a very promising start really…

It’s hard to believe that a year has come and gone already, so filled with challenges and much much blessings. God has been really gracious!

Naturally, one part of my life which has changed tremendously is this – I have gone from being just a girlfriend to someone’s wife! Sometimes it feels like a dream; married to a good man and building a life with it. More importantly, I don’t have to go through my downs (and ups) alone – I can share it with someone!!!

Come February, I’ll start a new life in a new country. How much more amazing (and blessed) can it get?????


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