My current obsession…

Entrelac - the current obsession

…apart from shawls, that is. My knitting muse simply demands my focus for this project and I have to admit it.

I. AM. TOTALLY. HOOKED. Well, wouldn’t you be if you saw this gorgeous pattern?

The wonder of diamonds

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  1. pretty…only lately I am interested on entrelac esp. after buying Japanese Vintage Knitting. Maybe it is better to start with scarf first rather than sweater….


  2. Me too! I actually shied away from anything with entrelac because I thought it was hard but now, I’m hooked on it! :D: Probably end up keeping this for myself since my HB doesn’t want it (it was originally for him!).

  3. Hi, i found you site by chance and its amazing! I think they are beautiful like the webs spun by a spider, delicate and each unique in its own way.

    I really like this piece you are currently working on. i have no idea about knitting n all but this weaving looking one really caught my attention. i’ve mailed you for more info ^_^

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