The albums are finally out!


The albums from Lasposa Bridal Gallery are finally out!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the big boohoo over the lacklustre design done by the studio, they have managed to redeem themselves with a very nicely done album and frames.

If you’re wondering what the range is like with their frames and album covers, lets just say that the list is endless – they come in a variety of sizes, colours and structure (think covers, fastenings) and so forth. I had a tough time picking out the colour, material and textures so ended up with the easiest and simplest of designs.

The albums I choose didn’t come with a briefcase (they usually do) but I managed to weasel my way into getting one very lovely black case. The frames are given with a tote – mine were not very big so it felt like I had too much space in my tote!

Anyway, I could have taken more pictures, especially of the pages inside but I’ve make it a semi-surprise for my guests.


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