The photobook album!

My photobook album!

It’s here – the photobook album that I had been working on a few weeks ago. The template was sent to Photobook about five working days ago and this morning, it arrived via Citylink courier…

The front cover of the hardcover album

I must admit that I prefer this over Pixart simply because of the overall feel and texture of the finished product. While the paper is not as glossy as Pixart’s pages, it has a canvas-like texture to it, which is very similar to photo printing done by bridal studios. This could be a personal thing but I prefer non-glossy finishes to my photos.

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Some “headlines”

Some of the really “interesting” headlines and teasers that I’ve had to grade since Monday. I use the term “interesting” loosely.

The stories were basically this:

  • Landslide occurs on some highway, some people were trapped but no one was killed.
  • Lorry driver on handphone crashes into a school bus killing 6 children.
  • A woman does a Bobbit on hubby and feeds his privates to the family dog because he complained too much about her cooking.

And this was what I got instead…

Landslide tumbles and kills two on highway.
Landslide massacres.
Two cars burrying in the landslide.
Lorry hit back by bus. Up next.
Think twice before you grumbling your wife’s cooking. Find out more after the commercial break.
A woman cut up her husband’s penis and sewed as dog food.
No one killed in major landside tumbled accident.
Do not talking on handphone while driving. We will tell you more after this.
Woman going mad with silly action after grumble by her husband about her cooking. Stay tuned.
The reason for a cruel wife to slaughter her husband. Coming up next.


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Back to the drawing board.

What I've been busy doing...

I’ve been busy turning photos into pretty-ish designs. Tedious and time-consuming though, so don’t expect much updates from me for the next few days. I have about 30 over pages to work on coupled with some freelance work from the old office. ARGH!

The one you see here is for an A3 poster which will be used for decoration, hence the very simple layout. It’s the complicated ones which are killing me!

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Packing – Part I

It has been officially kicked off with the destash (yarnie talk here) and jumble sale stuff. Yes, I’m slowly but surely packing for the big move.

Trouble with destashing is that I can’t really decide what exactly I want to keep and what I want to trash. =.= Definitely need to take a whole day to sort things out, pack it up nicely and put it up for sale.


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