Orange almond cake cupcakes

A little surprise inside!

Remember yesterday’s flowers?

Well, I took some time in the afternoon to bake some orange almond cake in cupcakes before running off to do some stuff in Cyberjaya. It took me about one hour to frost and decorate them little babies. I should include the amount of time I spent on thinking of how to decorate it but never mind.

Orange almond cake cupcakes

It didn’t help that The Gateaux Affairs was on while I was busy working on my little cakes. Quite funny considering that the whole show is all about cakes and more cakes!!! Well, you know it’s more than that but amazing show, really. Some bits are downright fake but it’s still fun!

The freshly decorated cupcakes!

I also ran into some issues with the storage. Bought a box that was too big so I had to run back to the store to get a smaller one. Definitely will have to make a note about sizes and stuff. Anyway, I hope the recipient(s) of these lovely cakes will like them. Now to carry them all the way to work WITHOUT messing them up! ^.^

Sweet floral delights!

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