Pattern | Flower Basket Shawl
Yarn | 100% silk in dark gold
Needles | 4.5mm circulars (very loose cast off by using 7.5mm needles)
Modifications | A sprinkle of beads here and there…

This was actually finished just before I left for Hong Kong nearly three weeks ago but I never got around to putting up updates simply because there were other things to blog about. I thought it’d be nice to go back to my knitting roots – it’s always less controversial and personally more fulfilling!

My knitting has somewhat slowed down. I think I’m beginning to run out of adrenaline. It’s nightmarish though because I still have four shawls left to go before December runs out. Lets not forget the Christmas presents as well…ack! Time to really start getting back on track again! Watch this space next week for another pretty shawl, k?


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