Loot from HK!

The HK Loot

The damage? RM1.6K (Unbelievable right?)

The loot? Here’s the whole huge list:

  • Toner (biggest size), day and night cream plus eye cream from Lancome
  • Eye cream and night cream sample size from Lancome
  • Three shirts from G2000
  • Two silk ties from Italy
  • Two flannel zip-up jackets
  • One round neck flannel sweater
  • Three sweaters (two cashmere and one wool)
  • One cable knit pullover
  • Three 2-piece woolen cardigan
  • One brown knitted coat
  • One short plaid coat
  • One long red coat
  • One short sky blue coat
  • Three Addis circular needles
  • Five eight-ball pack of lambswool yarn
  • Two three-ball pack of wool yarn
  • Twenty-nice balls of alpaca-wool yarn
  • Four balls of variegated wool yarn
  • Four balls of tweedy wool yarn

My shopping list originally called for only items for Nil, two coats and yarn for two sweaters but because I had so much leftover cash, I went ahead and bought items off my list. Mum and I found bargains everywhere from this Sasa-equivalent called Bonjour (they offer 35% discount on a lot of their products compared to 25% at Sasa – for the same items) to the shops at Ladies Market, Temple Street, Causeway Bay and even at Ngau Tau Kok!

Definitely a favourite place for shopping!!!!! Oh, did I mention that the siew ngor (roast goose) was fab????? Le Lapin thinks I’ve gone nuts shopping for so many things. Yes, finally got to met that skinny unshaven dude after one year of chatting online! That blur sotong left his plane ticket with me. So now, I have to see him again…will probably try and get him some of that Hainanese chicken rice that he has been craving for. Heh.

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  1. Well, eye creams in general do help! I was using something from Nivea in Australia but I stopped when I came back. It’s been other stuff on and off. I tried the sample in HK and it’s really good! Makes my eyes look fresh…plus the smell is nice! :shy:

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