Coincedences or fate?

Remember Le Lapin? If you don’t, a search like this is warranted. Well, as it turns out, life sometimes can get pretty funny-weird on you.

I am actually travelling to Hong Kong next weekend to do some serious preparation for the move next year. As it turns out, so was Le Lapin – there to visit his sister and pop by the HK office. We had initially planned on meeting up here in KL since he would be making a stop from HK for work after the next weekend, but it would have been tough considering that I don’t have a car and he is stuck in Putrajaya.

Then as it turns out, we might even meet up before that…it was all really funny actually.

Le Lapin: not sure what time… will check. wait… what time is your flight back to malaysia? i think i fly on the 11th too
Me: evening…via MAS
Le Lapin: heh… what time?
Me: i think it’s a 5 or 6pm flight.
Le Lapin: i am on MAS
Me: can’t remember. need to check plane ticket.
Le Lapin: haha… we might be on the same flight… think i leave about 6
Le Lapin: no wait… maybe i leave about 4
Me: i could call my mum and ask. hang on.
Le Lapin: think i arrivein KL about 6:30
Me: hm. mum needs to check. bleh. OMIGOD….i’m landing in KL at 620…what’s your flight no?
Le Lapin: just looking for it. HAHAHA. (*blips*flightdetails*blips*)
Le Lapin: we’re on the same flight!!!
Me: we’re on the same flight! HAHAHAHAHA! this is such a hoot la!

One of my gal friends calls it “fate”. I call it “a small world”. Can’t wait to tell Nil about this! Hilarious really!!!!!

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