Okay…so I said I wanted to elope yesterday but after a long night of ranting to Nil, there is a glimmer of hope at the end of one freaking long and dark tunnel. It is really one of those bridezilla moments, I swear!

We’ll be doing a series of engagement shoots this December when he comes down for a quick visit (to play assistant to me, the grumpy bride) + mini honeymoon (where I get to go for a break)…to make up for the oh-so-formal shots we got at Lasposa. I have some nice ideas in my head, which have translated onto some pictures I got off the Net…so now just hope that time will fly by speedily. No, weather won’t be a problem. I want it to RAIN and RAIN!!!!!! ^.~

Oh…did I mention that I’ll be churning out my first cake order come November/December? Yup, someone wants me to make a cake (I think…not too sure if she wanted two… ) as part of a wedding hantaran so at the end of this month, we’ll be looking at some taste-testing Orange Almond cupcakes topped with sky blue primrose flowers and a lovely swirl of buttercream frosting!

Suddenly things are picking up again!

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