Well, actually I’m married already so screw the eloping part. I just want the whole thing to be over and done with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe drown myself in tons of gelato.

Y’know…when they say that people usually enjoy the wedding planning process, I for one, am beginning to get utterly fed up and tired of it. I had a lot of things planned out for my wedding and what comes naturally were the expectations of it as well…now, I find myself wishing that I had done a lot of things differently.

Why can’t weddings be simple, cost-effective/cost-friendly and fun at the same time? I spent a bomb on my pre-wedding shots only to be thoroughly disappointed and they call themselves professionals. Now, I’m itching to take casual engagement shots with a photographer friend to make up for it but Nil is so turned off photoshoots because of what the pros did.

Don’t even get me start on the dinner part…

Maybe I should have just eloped and kahwin (gotten married) la.


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  1. A friend of mine advised those of us who have yet to get married to NOT choose a date that is too far away, because the more time you have, the more you worry about, and the more mistakes you make, the more planning you will need to do.

  2. 😉 uhh… maybe ure also stressed cos ure doing it alone, and Nil’s so far away. *hugs* not too late to decide otherwise… heheh… if ur parents are insisting to have the dinner, why don’t ask them to do all the planning?

  3. hey girl,

    Just don’t stress yourself too much on the wedding preparation ya….

    take it easy, everything will be just fine as planned…

    after your actual day, when u look backward you will miss the moment of the process 🙂

    frens are always here ready the “Hug” for you…Cheer up!!

  4. Only one couple I know (out of many) actually “enjoyed” the wedding-planning process – and they were funded by both sets of their parents, but could do whatever they wanted. Planning weddings = crazymaking. You’re not bridezilla (I should know, I’ve met one), you’re just stressed, which is totally, totally normal!


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