{Full of drugs and gas}

Day II of the food poisoning spell and my body feels totally weird.

I have a watermelon-like belly from the gas (UGH!) and my body is pumped full with a variety of drugs to stop me from running to the toilet every 15 minutes, control the amount of pain I have to go through and not to mention the swell of my already painfully distended belly (ok, I’m exaggerating!).

It doesn’t help that my period is here so I have double trouble down south – cramps, if you know what I mean. Am just wondering how I’m going to cope tonight – pain isn’t an issue (just down some painkillers) but the amount of gas I have in my belly is enough to drive me crazy AND make me sleepless. Makes me wonder why I even thought I was getting better and thus had two slices of Dr Oetker pizza.

Suddenly…I feel like puking. Nil thinks I always feel like puking when I have my period. Freaking hell. I hate my stomach. It’s just too sensitive to be Malaysian. =.=

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