C’est le printemps chez moi! – Part Deux

A sugar garden anyone?

After about an hour of pipping and assembling, this is my Level II graduation cake. My favourite item would not be the flowers but the birds. They took about two days to make and dry. But I just love how pillowy and cute they look! Should have drawn cartoony eyes!

One of my birdies...

Top layer is Whole Orange Cake (not exactly the kind of cake people here would enjoy because of its very very dense texture – all almond and orange instead of flour). My mum totally didn’t like it but I actually found it refreshing to eat something other than flour in cakes all the time.

A close up of my sugared bird!

Anyway, the bottom layer is Cranberry Poppyseed cake like the one I made for graduation the last time – nothing new there. I wanted to get rid of all the leftover cranberry and poppyseed but after this cake, I still have enough for another one. O’well…

Birdies surrounded by flowers!

All decoration that you see here is edible…if you want to get diabetes. I’ll be on a break for about two weeks before going for the final level which involves gum paste and fondant. Then the big test would be making about two dozen cupcakes and decorating them for a sale at church in December. Kinda exciting really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Haha, my basket-weave icing collapsed like the Berlin Wall. And my birds flew away (got eaten by cockcroaches at home!)

    Nice colour combo- I really like the flowers and the the canaries.

  2. i love flourless orange cake!! yumm… good for ppl with gluten intolerance too

    Well done – love the basket weave pattern too

    good luck making that plastic icing, its tough!

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