Baroque is balanced!

I actually finished this last week but never got around to showcasing it. Blame the hectic start of the new semester at the office. =.=

Pattern | Shetland Triangle in Alpaca Cloud
Yarn | 100% silk in black-blue
Needles | 4.5mm circulars (very loose cast off by using 7.5mm needles)
Modifications | A sprinkle of beads here and there…

Things are slowing down over at the shop, which is a relief, I must admit. I’m hoping to get some time to knit some hats, mittens and scarves for myself. Migrating to a cold country can really be bothersome, y’know….can’t wait till it’s all over!!!!

Nevertheless, with new changes to the shop and the upcoming shopping trip to stock up (for the shop and my move)…things are getting really exciting BUT damaging for my wallet. O’well…you can’t have it all.

Gentle and fragile wings...

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