C’est le printemps chez moi!

Primrose yummy-ness!

After about three hours of mixing, pipping and lining stuff up yesterday evening, it’s official now – spring just landed on my dining table! Graduation for Level II is just around the corner and I need plenty of flowers to go with my peach-pink-white theme. Why o’ why did I have to make my bird yellow instead of blue like everyone else?

The plan is to do a primrose and daisy garden topped with sprinkles of apple blossom (they remind me of cherry blossoms!) and lovely green leaves…hopefully what I have in mind will look good not only in my head but on the cake! I think I need more peach primroses…gack!

Leftovers will be used for December’s cupcake sale at church…flavours to be determined later but it’s going to be a flower power theme! Yes, spring is oh-so-chic.

Apple Blossoms in off-white-pink! Daisies!

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