The vainpot

Of lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing some portrait shots with freelancers or upcoming photographers…y’know, just for the heck of it.

If you haven’t known, well, this is why: I would really like to celebrate the fact that I have dropped a dress size and am now back to the weight I was once at in secondary school PLUS the great fact that I’m working hard to maintain it if not go down more. Besides, I like my face and I think I have great eyes. Just need to get rid of them glasses though!

It’s just that part of me still goes out and comes up with stuff like how I don’t have the look or the body to get anyone interested. It doesn’t help that I’m hitting 28 like in less than 2 hours (yes, my birthday is tomorrow) and getting older by the minute…

But you know what?

You are only young once in your life – screw the “young at heart” babble – and just as a gift to myself, I’m going to go all out and be as vain as I want…not before a mirror but in front of a camera. And I don’t care if you disapprove.


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  1. I don’t think people should disapprove. Some may find it strange, but I think its totally cool. Show us some of these photos, if you don’t mind. =D Oh, and Happy Birthday! :hyper:

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