Double (happiness) roses!

Oh…my PC is back and in fantastic shape. Thankgawd for competent people!!!!!

Hei anyone?

Yes, Level I is done now! I’ve graduated will be moving onto Level II and here’s my first fully-decorated cake… I’m not really happy with the design bit though – mum insisted that she wanted a double happiness thing there and I had no choice but to pipe a very traditional shell border. Gack.

These aren't real...

It still needs a little work here and there in terms of the hei and colour combo – I feel that it looks very ah lian (interpreted as something that is very old-school, village, backward-ish in nature) and typical. Hardly modern. (I think it’s the shell border… ) =.=

Double happiness!!!!!!!

O’well…I can’t wait to get to Level III – then I can implement some simple yet modern & monocromatic designs that I’ve been working on. :peace:

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