White Flowers

White Flowers - Angled

White Flowers
Pattern | Flower Basket Shawl
Yarn | Colourmart 100% cashmere in white
Needles | 4.5mm circulars (very loose cast off by using 7.5mm needles)
Modifications | Soft purple beads around the edging and near the middle plus end of “wings”.

This is the luxury cashmere shawl which initially didn’t feel luxurious at all!!!!!! But after a soak and pinning, boy o’ boy, you just want to keep this away from straying hands! Tight twists from the cone aside, this yarn was really a wonder to knit with. Richard continuously surprises me with the quality of his mill-end yarns!!!!

Now, I would write more but currently, I feel like a production line. Have about five more shawls to go for October alone! *faints*

White Flowers - Close up

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