DIY photo album(s)

The 10th page!

When the going gets bored, the bored get going…well, something like that… Yes, I’m trying to be funny but it’s coming out all wrong.

Anyway, someone recommended that I try instead of sticking to Pixart for my wedding albums and I’m glad that I considered that suggestion!

Although slightly more expensive than Pixart, photobook’s software allows for flexible templates so you can pretty much do anything you want (provided of course your pics have the right resolution, eg 300 and above). They even have a variety of album sizes plus greeting cards too…and oh, they are currently running a Merdeka promotion – lots of savings and freebies here and there.

At the moment, I have e-vouchers (which are valid up till December next year) for an A3 landscape (hardcover), A4 landscape (hardcover), A4 portrait (softcover), three 6R (softcover) and eight A3 posters to fill up with my photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA!

So what am I going to use them for? Well, there is the registration…the wedding dinner…the honeymoon…the holidays…the gifts to parents…well, there is always something for an album!

Y’know, DIY never came on so stylishly!!!!!!

Just in case you’re wondering, Star Tech did a review on these photobook companies. Have a go here!

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  1. Beautiful!!!! :clap: :clap:

    er… Just a question I noticed Nil’s name is always it a French or Malaysian custom???

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