Class #2

Rainbows after the first class...

We worked on stars today…plus some swirls and writing. It was super fun except for the part where my hand started to ache. We even did the basic cone shape for the roses that we’ll be doing for the fourth class.

Starry rainbows!

And the results? Well, you can see it for yourself no? Apologies for the weird colour(s). Something is wrong with my camera – the purple ring (inner most ring) came out blue!!!!!!! Anyway, I’ll still need some practice with filling stars but so far, everything else is just peachy! Think I’ll work on some cupcakes soon…just in time for next week’s class, really. ^.~

More stars!

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  1. Hi,

    I found your website by accident. You look so pretty in your wedding photo. I just had my French church wedding last week.

    I saw your question in the expatriate forum. I don’t know exactly the answer, but I know of an American woman married to a French guy, now living in Switzerland. Do you want to try get in touch with her? You can leave me a message in my blog and I will get back to you.

    All my best wishes for a good marriage life after!

  2. Hey there, Bee! Nice to know that there is another M’sian in Europe. Makes my life a whole lot easier! XD

    Don’t worry about the expat forum questions – my hubby is working on it at the moment so no worries! (But we can still keep in touch!) šŸ˜‰

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