September’s checklist…

To be honest, I’m getting bored of this whole wedding preparation. Am hoping to get some pick-me-up again next week after I check out the pre-wedding album design. We’ll see how it goes.

For now, here are the stuff that’s left to work on:

  • Slideshow – Double check and finalize the following: 1) Pre-dinner (photoshoot* pics + behind-the-scenes); and 2) Photoshoot pics only
  • Wedding favours – Packaging (round one assembly)

* Will be using non-album pics!

In the coming months, I have the following to ruminate over:

  • Restaurant deco
  • Food tasting
  • RSVP and seating arrangement
  • Entertainment and program for the night
  • Misc – menu cards, heritage cards (they are basically little leaflets about certain customs and traditions) and guestbook (if I’m not taking the restaurant’s)

Why o’ why can’t people just elope?

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  1. now mb u might think is kinda of bored….but aft the wedding event u will find there’s sweet memory of flashing back all this process…trust me 🙂

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