I need better books.

It’s certified – I have shitty cake recipes. Or rather, insufficient cake recipes.

Yesterday’s two six-inch cakes turned out to be dry and peaked – bad sign of baking really. They weren’t burnt, thankgawd (I’m not thattt bad, k?), but still…I hate being imperfect at this! My dogs love the cake though; I can’t take that as a compliment somehow. Geh.

Anyway, I’ve been so busy stocking up on everything else – meats, vegs and cookies & slices – that I completely forgot to get a simple yet effective recipe book solely for cakes alone! So note to self: I need to purchase those mini cookbooks on just cakes alone, particularly these two titles.

In the meantime, thankgawd for measuring cups, a mixer and the buttercream frosting recipe!

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  1. Betty Crocker has good recipes.
    I baked a brownie cake for my sis birthday last friday…the brownies (the recipe) was AMAZING. hahaha

    will post up pictures on my blog later. Btw, it’s no longer flaminarse. THe blog is at http://teresaling.com/blog

    update your blogroll!

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