First class.

Buttercream goodness!

Class went well tonight – we covered the basics like making buttercream, how to use a piping bag and so forth. The last bit was when we got to frost a cake – something we’ll have to do on our own for the next class. Honestly, I’m really excited about frosting my own cake! Am considering a simple flavoured cake like orange or pineapple with coloured frosting…but we’ll see how it goes.

Also, I’ll need to get a list of items to make my cake deco life easier – a turntable for starters, cake leveler (sp?) and some way to carry an 8- or 10-inch cake to class. But I really REALLY CANNOT wait for the next class! It’s all so awfully exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To top things off, I think I found the perfect wedding favour tree…except that would I be able to use it again post-wedding?

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  1. You can buy the cake container! I can’t go anywhere without my cake container. they come in different sizes. If you want choices, you can go to Bake with Yen at Puchong.

  2. You wouldn’t believe it but I bought a whole bunch of stuff – a tool caddy with all the decorating stuff (!), a cake carrier plus some other stuff. There goes my darn budget for the month. And I haven’t even bought some smaller sized pans! :ohmy:

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