Doing so much.

People probably think I’m nuts to be doing so much…and at this point in time as well.

There is the wedding that is coming up in February – I still have the wedding favours to make, source and assemble; two slideshows for the dinner; food tasting and deco to worry about; photoshoot design and album to veto over…well, you get what I mean.

Then there is Shawls 4 Sale! which doing fantastic since opening a month ago. I have about fourteen orders including the first one I delivered last week and that ought to keep me busy right up till December. In the meantime, I’ve been stocking up on the store with new yarns. Am in the middle of finalizing an order with a bunch of other knitters.

And of course, my spanking new cake deco classes. With some luck, I’ll be carrying them on into November. After all, what’s the point of starting now only to let it die halfway?

To top things off, did I mention that I’m signing up for make-up classes? That’ll take place on Saturdays, 3-6pm…

So including work which has me swamped in with assignments to grade and final year students to supervise plus a host of other paperwork to submit and events to take part in, you can see how my plate has gotten kind of full all of a sudden.

In a way, I love it! I love how I am able to pick up so many things at one go – knowledge is such a wonderful thing. Honestly, it doesn’t feel very stressful for me. I still have time to knit, destress, watch a fantastic movie like Ratatouille and be absolutely tickled to the bone…

Wonderful no?

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