Sorry I can’t really stay a while to talk.

My mini-business is taking off all too well which means that for the next two to three months, I’m completely up to my nose in knitting and shawls…not that I’m complaining. It’s good really, all this extra income. (Although right now, it’s not so great because I’m sick! Bah.)

To make things a tad more complicated, I am juggling wedding preparations too. Ah, well, the price of DIY weddings. There are the slideshows – about two to three actually – and then the invites and the favours. I’ve sort of finalized everything so it’s a matter of getting stuff together and churning it out like a good ole’ one man factory.

Yes, that’s me – DIY all the way.

So yeah…will be busy. Sorry can’t stay to talk. Bye!

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