Yarn acquisition.

Stocking up for the store really has put a dent on my credit card. I’m at least a few hundred bucks poorer now…or at least when the bill comes.

The first of my purchase arrived yesterday and someone suggested taking photos but I’m too lazy right now. The heat is horrific and I still have about 14 rows to go for my shawl before I start on a new one.

Perhaps I’ll go do some yarn winding later and take some pretty pictures. It’s time I update the store and this blog with pics! No?

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Doing so much.

People probably think I’m nuts to be doing so much…and at this point in time as well.

There is the wedding that is coming up in February – I still have the wedding favours to make, source and assemble; two slideshows for the dinner; food tasting and deco to worry about; photoshoot design and album to veto over…well, you get what I mean.

Then there is Shawls 4 Sale! which doing fantastic since opening a month ago. I have about fourteen orders including the first one I delivered last week and that ought to keep me busy right up till December. In the meantime, I’ve been stocking up on the store with new yarns. Am in the middle of finalizing an order with a bunch of other knitters.

And of course, my spanking new cake deco classes. With some luck, I’ll be carrying them on into November. After all, what’s the point of starting now only to let it die halfway?

To top things off, did I mention that I’m signing up for make-up classes? That’ll take place on Saturdays, 3-6pm…

So including work which has me swamped in with assignments to grade and final year students to supervise plus a host of other paperwork to submit and events to take part in, you can see how my plate has gotten kind of full all of a sudden.

In a way, I love it! I love how I am able to pick up so many things at one go – knowledge is such a wonderful thing. Honestly, it doesn’t feel very stressful for me. I still have time to knit, destress, watch a fantastic movie like Ratatouille and be absolutely tickled to the bone…

Wonderful no?

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PT biz owner, PT student, FT worker.

Cake deco classes, here I come!

Yes, that’s me…I have decided to take the plunge and up my current occupations to include part-time student.

I’ve always been fascinated with cake decoration and concluded once & for all that it was better to learn than to just gawk and stare in awe at the beauties that people churn out on a regular basis – especially people like her and her.

Anyway, the first lesson will start in September and run once a week for two hours. I choose to go for their evening classes because of work commitments but for those who are more flexible, they have day classes too! Price paid includes a starter kit and certificates plus basic lessons in preparing stuff for cake deco.

Techniques covered include torting a cake, frosting, basic shell and zig zag borders, the Wilton rose (15 petals), the Sweet Pea, the Bow, pattern transfer, drop flower and figure piping (clown). Medium used would be buttercream.

Once this level is complete, I plan to go on to Level II and III which will start in October and November respectively. Am pretty excited because those levels which cover lessons on churning out flowers, food painting and fondant plus wedding cake deco!

For information on classes and prices even, you can check out this site or visit the “school” named International Centre of Cake Artistry (ICCA) Sdn Bhd at 16-B, 1st & 2nd Floor, Jalan 14/20, Section 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

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La Fleur Doré

And my first transaction for “Shawls 4 Sale” is complete!

The golden Flower Basket Shawl

La Fleur Doré
Pattern | Flower Basket Shawl by Evelyn A Clark
Yarn | Jaegerspun Zephyr in Chrome (approx 500 yards)
Needles | 4.5mm circulars (very loose cast off by using both 4.5mm needles)
Modifications | Gold, green and blue beads

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Looking at side income…

Yes, I’m that desperate for some form of side income. Apart from my mini shawl biz which has taken off quite well (I’m making my first proper COD this weekend), I thought it would be good to look for some form of income from my blog itself.

And this came in the form of Advertlets.com. It’s pretty much something for locals here and I kind of like it more than nuffnang.com but we’ll see how it goes.

Wish me luck, ya?

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Something happened to my current knitting project, causing stitches to drop and a huge hole to emerge in between stitches! It’s not saveable so out came the scissors and off came the offending work.

There goes about a week’s worth of work and quite a bit of 100% silk yarn. And when I thought that that it would never happen to me again…


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