Wedding Notes

Note to self: I need to check on the following at the restaurant PLUS get samples/pictures.

  1. Flower arch
  2. Centerpieces (for all tables/VIP table)
  3. Overall room deco
  4. Backdrop
  5. Reception area deco – placecard, flowers, etc
  6. Stairway deco – cloth, etc
  7. Table cloth & napkins
  8. Chair covers
  9. Stage deco (glass fountain + dummy cake colours + table cloth)
  10. Function room layout
  11. Guestbook (if it’s ugly, DIY)
  12. Wedding favour boxes/packaging
  13. Plates for serving pistachios
  14. Sample menu

…and last but not least, FOOD TASTING!

In the meantime, I ought to complete or purchase the following:

  • The “hei” stickers for my invites
  • Rosebud tea
  • Guest list
  • Dinner bags – pink and gold
  • Earrings for dinner
  • Ink stamp pad for vellum wedding favours
  • Corset for my kebaya

This is crazy no? O’well…the price of doing everything yourself. Heh.

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