They are ready…


…for your viewing pleasure. Click here.

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  1. they are gorgeous! where did you shoot for outdoor? i signed up for prewedding shoot as well. studio and outdoor. i’ll prolly choose putrajaya for outdoor. but havent confirmed. any other suggestions?

  2. I took the pics at Galleria Seri Perdana – initially I wanted Ulu Yam and Putrajaya but a lot of couples are going there and besides, it was too far for me. Spent more time travelling than taking pictures. Why don’t you try Seri Perdana or TTDI (they have waterfalls there!).

  3. Wow, love the outdoor photos. Especially the one of you by the mini chapel and night balcony shots. Lovely!

  4. They’re all lovely! I turn into the Lasposa side road everyday and often wondered how the ‘little church’ will come out in pictures, now I know 🙂

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